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tl;dr Talk Shit, Get Hit. Past memories can hurt.

Sometimes, we all have that one moment where you give up. You want to cry, but people will notice you. What’s so bad about it? Tears can ease sorrow, so why hold it back?

You literally drop and lose everything you’ve had. Try to start a new life? It doesn’t work. People notice how you’ve changed and start to dislike you. After you finally meet ONE person and consider them your best friend, something happens and they hate you.

Fucked yourself over again, huh? You tried to be friendly and nice. It didn’t work. What do you do now? You’re beatable by so many people you can’t even count.

What’s the next option? Move again? That’s just more work. You’d want to cry and bail, but you’re afraid of how that’s gonna reflect of how people see you. Ending your life? That’s the only thought of your mind.

You try and talk to some old friends, but it never works as people leave you  like you left them.

Now you’re alone, no one there for you. Now your decision is final, ending your life? What a shame. You take some pills and sleep. 

Waking up the next morning, you feel awful. You take a bottle of pills and lock yourself in the bathroom. By now, your heart has stopped beating and you’re dead.

Your spirit remains in heaven. You think: “Why did I do that?”. You Only Live Once, don’t waste it.

Just be who you want to be, don’t let anyone take you down.

damn was i really that depressed holy shit














Previously on Drake and Josh…

what iS THIS


childhood made better


I will reblog every time.

Reblogging for the 5th time.

Every time

the fucking laugh track

I need to know what happened

From some movie called mean creek it seems. Dunno much else though


I hope i never forget this

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